Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Decisions, decisions

To start of with, I would first like to thank everyone for their help and support. When I first bloged about my aspirations of writing I didn't know what to expect, but the reception I got was just amazing, so THANK YOU.

O.K, I need to start making some decisions regarding my WIP, right now my focus is try do decide whether I am going to write a novel or write and illustrate a graphic novel. Both have their pros and cons but I think I still need to do a little (or a lot of)research. I found a couple of books by Will Eisner about writing and illustrating comics/graphic novels, so when I have some spare cash I'll probably pick them up. Even though I don't know how this journey is going to end I'm still going along (at my own pace), jotting down notes and scribbling sketches. That is another thing I need to do, get organized, I have notes and sketches on all these random bits of paper and they are scattered all over the house.
Did reading educational books on writing help you? If so could you recommend any?

Until Next Time.


  1. i'm sure books would help! so far i've only read blogs and forums... there is a wealth of information available for free online... but then sometimes you have to be discerning about the source. i've heard that stephen king has one out called ON WRITING that is supposed to be extremely good. i assume it is for novel writing... not sure. you can always try your local library too, if your strapped for cast like me! :)
    and you can always try several different types, and experiment with different things to see what you feel comfortable with. hannah has a great post about that today. i've been thinking about trying graphic novels too lately, thus the experimenting with fiction blog project. sommer leigh suggested trying several different graphic short stories to experiment with different styles. i'm struggling with the writing for it. it's a very different kind of storytelling! best of luck kane! i'm excited to see what you come up with!

  2. I've read several books on writing and screenplays and they have some great tips. A graphic novel would be cool. Love to see my book as one.
    Looking forward to your Top Ten songs on Monday!