Thursday, November 12, 2009

childrens picture book

Character: Winston

Father of the main character. this character was originally conceived as a butler

childrens picture book

Character: Cyndi

Mother of main character, originally this character was going to be a love inerest for the hero

childrens picture book

Character: Doug

the older brother. originally this charater was going to be a sidekick for the hero

childrens picture book

Character: Dr. Shocking

The Main villian for the book

childrens picture book

Character: Captain Awesome
the main hero for the story.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Final Book

Page 1
an opening page showing all the family at the dinning room table

Page 2
an indoor shot at night showing captain awesome in young neds bed room

Page 3
a close up of dr shocking escaping while captain awesome fights some henchmen

Page 4
captain awesome giving a thumbs up with robbers in a cop car and the stolen loot next to it

childrens picture book

Children’s Book

The Fantabulous Adventures of Captain Awesome


Ned – The young boy
Captain Awesome – The hero
Dr Shocking – The villain
Doug – The older brother
Cyndi – The mother
Winston – The father


A young boy can turn in to a super hero at night


P1. Young Ned seems like an average boy, he lives with his mother, father and older brother Doug. But young Ned has a big secret.

P2. At night young Ned has a secret life and turns into the greatest super hero the world has ever seen: CATAIN AWESOME.

P3. One day during dinner young Ned saw some of the evening news. He found out that someone had robbed the city bank. He knew he would have to change into Captain Awesome and find the bank robbers.

P4. After dinner young Ned went to bed and waited for his parents to fall asleep then changed into Captain Awesome and leaped out the window and headed for the bank.

P5. As Captain Awesome arrived at the bank he searched the bank for clues. He found a tunnel in the vault, where the buglers entered the bank.

P6. Captain Awesome followed the trail of gold coins all the way to the lair of the evil Dr. Shocking.

P7. “I should have know it was you who robbed the bank Doc Shock” said Captain Awesome.

“You wont get me this time Captain Flawsome“ yelled Dr Shocking as he told his guards to get Captain Awesome.

P8. Captain Awesome easily fought of all of the Shock gang, but while he was fighting Dr. Shocking had disappeared.

P9. While Captain Awesome was fighting the guards the cowardly Dr. Shocking escaped using a secret underground tunnel.

P10. Even though Dr Shocking had escaped Captain Awesome had still rounded up his entire gang and returned all of the stolen money