Monday, September 28, 2009

cover soundtrack

to seperate this from the games i made the image black and white moved it to the right and put a thick white border around the edge of the cover

i put both screenshots in the large "OST" (original sound track) on the back too see wich one i liked best


i blured some of the edges of the image so it wouldent look so vector for the playstation 3

wii cover

compleated wii cover

wii cover design

a vector image of the main character in a straight jacket. i will use this image for the frontcover of the game.

wii game screen shot 2

the second screen shot for the back cover. this one is a close up of the main characters face while he is holding an axe.

Monday, September 14, 2009

wii game screen shot

the first screen shot for the back cover

wii game

I have some ideas down on paper but nothing definitive yet, so i have created all of the legal and technical stuff first on the game and soundtrack covers, while i still work on the imagery

wii game

I came up with a few different ideas for wii games, i ended up going with a game where the main purpose is to escape an insane asylum. After coming up with severeal ideas for a title I decided to go with "brain damage".