Monday, May 18, 2009


4th POST

I constructed the analogue box out of cardboard. i used a fineliner for all of the text and the barcode and coloured pencil for the gimmick. on the box i have put on screen information, whats in the box, warranty, technical info, barcode, gimmick.

I got some clear plastic to make a window in the top of the box so the buyer can directly see the actual product.

After making the analogue box i recreated it in illustrator and printed it out so i could make a profesional lookin digitally made box.

Monday, May 11, 2009


3rd POST

I'v started to digitaly create the gps box. i made it in 3 different colours, black, dark blue and orange and i asked the class which they like best. some liked orange some liked dark blue.

i also put in all the techinical infomation and features i found for a gps navigator on the internet

Friday, May 8, 2009


2nd POST
After choosing a name, model number and logo i started doing some sketches for the design of the GPS box

After some designs i decided to do a box with clear plastic on it so the buyer can see the device, the top of the box was going to have the Logo and model number. all the information, specs gimmick and bar code are going to be on the sides of the box


1st POST

So far i have done some research on GPS navigators, on the internet and in stores to get a general idea of how to design the packaging.

I have come up with several names, model numbers and logos.

I have designed some logos targeted at different audiences, ones for technical type of person, ones for truckies and rough workers, ones for a female user and some are just open for a wide target audience.