Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nightclub Poster 2


This poster uses a very blocky sans serif font throughout most of the poster. All of the headings and important parts of information have been made bigger so they will stand out more.

The poster has a big illustration of a muscle car as its focal point. Most of the posters content is contained in blue shapes that have a splattered and faded texture to it. The poster also has an old 70’s looking pattern bordering some of the page.

The only photography used was photographs of two of the performers appearing at the club. The photographs are black and white and quite small so they wont stand out too much

This poster uses a retro concept. The poster looks like it is worn, torn and faded. It also looks like it is a picture of a poster on an old bench or wall

The poster mainly uses black, white and shades of blue. It also has some yellows and oranges used very minimally around the border

The poster is fairly balanced the image and headings are centred and all of the information is in evenly spaced columns at the bottom of the page.

This poster fits in to a very street culture, with the gritty faded imagery almost looking like it could be graffiti.

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