Thursday, August 20, 2009

Night Club Poster 1


The type used is very basic and plain. The type for the heading stands out because it is a large, bright, glowing white font on a black background.

There is a photograph, of a wave of water in the air. The water looks as if it is flowing over the title.

The poster uses a minimalist concept by only having a small amount of elements on the page and using a lot of black negative space. It uses water and liquid as a concept, the name of the club is wet and it uses water as its only image.

The poster uses mainly black and white, however the image and the glowing text have a slight blue ting to them.

The poster is really balanced. All of the text is centre aligned. The image flows over the centre of the type.

This poster speaks to a very upper class target audience. The poster is aimed a very classy culture

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