Monday, March 2, 2009

Colour Psychology part2

Pink is a tranquilizing colour that symbolizes innocence and child-like flirtatiousness. Pink is usually associated with Spring, gratitude, appreciation, admiration, sympathy, homosexuality, kittens, femininity, health, love, sex, marriage, joy. Pink is used mainly in products for children and babies.

Blue can create feelings of calmness or serenity but if it is over used it can create feelings of sadness. Blue represents things that are peaceful, tranquil, secure, loyal, trust worthy and orderly

Black reflects authority and power, it is also associated with unhappiness, formality, and sophistication.

White reflects purity, cleanliness, sterility,youthfulness, mildness and neutrality.White can create feelings of peace and comfort.

Gold is associated with value it suggests expensive, and prestige.

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