Thursday, February 12, 2009

5 good designs

i like this image because of the way the image draws your eye around it. the first thing you see is the light through the clouds then you notice the red fiery clouds in the background then the house with the lights at the bottom. it is then you realize that there is light coming through the clouds at night. i just thought this was a very clever image.

I really like the juxtaposition in this image, it is a skull that is breaking, it almost looks like its exploding, but everything is so sleek and smooth. I also like how all the broken fragments don't look broken they don't even look like the could connect up with the other pieces, some sort of look like liquid. i also like that it is a black skull on a white background. it is a very unique picture.

i like this design because it parodies/references the apple software and products but still has its own style. i think the screwed up yellow paper really stands out because it is surrounded by a lot of dull smooth things, and it really appeals to me. (sorry if i offended anyone).

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